The Extraordinary, Unordinary Gum Tree

“Oh. Oh dear,” a croaky voice said. “You’ve brought someone with you. You never said you were bringing guests today children. Oh, dear me. Look at the state of me. Look at the state of the tree!”

Bea and Bertie looked to the ground and saw a great round wombat fussing around the bottom of the tree. His wiry hair was all in a tussle and his lovely pink nose was smudged with dirt from pushing fallen gum nuts into a pile.


This is no ordinary gum tree. In fact, it’s quite extraordinary. And better still, it’s a secret for only kids to know. Join Tom, Nelly, Bea and Bertie as they explore nature in a way no one has before, turning some of its challenges upside down. Welcome to the magical world of The Extraordinary, Unordinary Gum Tree…


The Extraordinary, Unordinary Gum Tree is Book 1 in The Extraordinary Book Series, written by Karen Casey and illustrated by Guy Price. It is a chapter book for readers aged 7-10. Visit to see what some readers had to say about it.

$1 from every copy of The Extraordinary, Unordinary Gum Tree sold is donated to Aussie Helpers in support of Australian farmers facing hardship. Go to the About menu to find out more about the organisation.