The Extraordinary Tom Fink

The soccer ball landed in the yard and rolled into James’s foot.

James and Polly looked down, confused. They looked at little Peg but she was still playing quietly in a patch of dirt by the veranda. They looked over the fence into the paddocks but there was no one there.

James bent to pick up the ball. It rolled away from his fingers. He stepped forward and tried again. But again, the ball rolled away.

“How is this happening?” James said.’


Strange things have been happening since Polly, James and little Peg moved to the farm. Cows appear from nowhere. Soccer balls move on their own. The cockatoos and kookaburras are lining up on the wire fence, waiting for something only they seem to know about. Join Polly, James and Little Peg as they discover the magic of their new country home with the help of one extraordinary friend and his party of unordinary animals. This is the story of how The Extraordinary, Unordinary Gum Tree came to be.

The Extraordinary Tom Fink is Book 2 in The Extraordinary Book Series written by Karen Casey and illustrated by Guy Price. It is a chapter book for readers aged 7-10.

$1 from every copy of The Extraordinary Tom Fink sold is donated to Aussie Helpers in support of Australian farmers facing hardship. Go to the About menu to find out more about the organisation.