About Karen.

Karen Howie Casey is an author and copywriter. Formerly a journalist, she wrote for newspapers and lifestyle magazines around Australia and in Northern Ireland, and studied creative writing under award-winning author Alex Miller at Latrobe University.

Karen’s first unpublished fiction manuscript was long-listed for an Australian Vogel Literary Award. She has since completed two further contemporary fiction novels while studying with the Australian Writer’s Centre and fielding the long road to publication.

In 2018, Karen created a children’s chapter book series to support Australian farmers, with $1 from every sale donated to the Aussie Helpers charity. This year, she received a Regional Arts Victoria grant to complete the third and final book in that series. Karen also wrote The Misadventures of the Travelling Quirkus, a humorous memoir about her family’s jinxed road trip through central Australia. She continues to work as a copywriter, producing communication materials for a number of clients.

Karen grew up in Melbourne and now lives on a windy hill in Gippsland, Victoria, with her husband and three children.