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Learn how to create an extraordinary character with journalist and author Karen Casey. In a one-hour workshop, students work together to choose an Australian animal character and develop its personality, dialogue and appearance. Students have the opportunity to draw their extraordinary character, colour in illustrations from Karen’s two books or write a story involving the class character. Following the session, Karen writes the character into a scene from her real life books for students to keep.

Workshops are suitable for Grades 2-6 in class-size groups. Sessions can be adapted for younger students to focus on meeting the author, story time and colouring.

Karen also offers author talks for all ages. Author talks aim to inspire creativity and encourage persistence. Karen talks about her writing career as a journalist and author, sharing books she made when she was the same age as the students.

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“Karen started the session in a friendly and engaging manner, allowing the students to feel comfortable with the concept she was about to introduce to them. Students actively participated in the development of a character. Karen’s technique of playing pin the star on the character ensured all students were engaged. Karen utilised an ICT presentation which captivated the students whilst supporting the character development. Following Karen’s session, the students were extremely keen to write a scenario including their character.”

Rosie Van den Broek, Grade 3 teacher, St Ita’s Primary School.